Below is a repository of the entries from the original 1999 One Frame of White contest.  We have been adding Artist and Title info where we have been able to find it.

Peter Webb's 1st Place winning entry in the original 1999 One Frame of White contest.

From Peter:

I am struggling to remember much of my technique. I do remember using a lot of rotosplines to create the basic shapes, then using them to mask colour frames or gradations - created in flame of course. I had a storyboard drawn that was a lot more adventurous but ran out of time (I was doing it in the evenings after long days of commercial work on our flame). Hence using text towards the end instead of lots more animation. Jake's and my entries were neck and neck and at the session where they were judged, at NAB, there was an "applause meter" gag to make the final decision. I think I had a few more supporters there so I did win, though it was definitely just on the strength of not much difference. Jake and I are long time buddies, so there was a good feeling about us getting 1st and 2nd prize.

Jake Parker's 2nd Place entry in the 1999 One Frame of White contest.

From Jake:

It took many many hours to construct - maybe 80-120 hours. Final render took about 40 hours (done over a weekend). 

Multiple particle setups used within Source nodes for different sized waves, larger ones for the swells and smaller ones for wind-waves and ripples. There were no lens flares in Action at that time. Clouds, of course were Gmasks. Lots of CC on the sky and clouds.  This all happened in one Action setup! 

The hand at the end was holding a cigarette (not a joint, as many people assumed). Smoke was generated with Flame particles. All objects were, again, GMasks. Rocking motion was Flame Camera-generated. Trial and error to get the right rhythm.