2019 - 001

"Parallel Planet Affection"

Contestant’s inspiration from 1999:


From Contestant:

I choose 1999 “A” for my inspiration. In this, there were character clash and they were exploded but both were same character. So I started to thinking about it and had too many things in mind but one I find a different one. In this, clashing of character and explosion will be there but character will not be same. And the scene is:

There is two planet A & B and they are parallel. If anything happens in any planet, the other one got affected too.

Planet-A have FLAME (symbolic character) character and Planet-B have ghost with cycle. Ghost started riding the cycle and picks-up high speed- getting closer to one speed breaker. Speed breaker place is the same place in parallel planet where FLAME(symbolic character) is settling down. Ghost clashes with speed breaker,elevates and due to the effect, Flame(symbolic character) explodes in parallel planet-A.

So this is the "Parallel-Planet-Affection".

For me, giving the visual shape to a story, was the first challenge But it becomes fun in Flame though. And it starts in Flame like this:

First I started to making planet-A which has Flame(symbolic character), using Particle generator, animator and bounce. Then did the lighting. Other thing like reflection, AO, motion-blur, stingray in action was the key here to get all this done mostly. Now started making Planet-B, For the cycle, first I started to modelling wheel and Tyre part, this base part was scary but Flame ability, WOW!! and I started to grabbing all the elements needed for the cycle and road,speed breaker, some buildings, all build by 3dshape, deform mesh mostly within the action. Because I had to animate the cycle so during modelling, I had kept every part of cycle on right place and paddle, handle and wheels connected accordingly, then did the cycle animation, wheels depends on the peddling. For texturing and shading, I used substance texture and substance PBR. Then created a ghost with the matchboxes and now this is the time of ghost who will ride the cycle. Position pass helped me a lot to fit ghost into the scene. Used light-box for the ambient of ghost into the scene.

I really enjoyed doing everything from start to end in one and only in Flame. I'll be really thankful to everyone for all your support through Logik Facebook group.