2019 - 003


Contestant’s inspiration from 1999:


From Contestant:

Okay so I took my inspiration from 1999 "N". I thought making a sunken Titanic shouldn't be too hard.

The modelling was pretty quick, which was good as I was very busy at work, but once I started using replica a lot, then the machine just started really slowing down. I had planned on it being one whole shot, but as I got into it, it just grew arms and legs.

Once I had an edit finished, I used the flame internal tone generator to create the underwater pulse, which really finished it all off and I can say that everything has been made in Flame.

I have loved the whole experience, but due to a busy work schedule I've had to make a few compromises just to get it done, but overall I think its like a little film trailer.

Hope you like it.