One Frame of White 2017 Rules


- Registration is REQUIRED.  Fill out the form here

- Work must be created entirely in Flame, Flare, Flame Assist or Smoke Mac.  You can use versions 2015 or higher for Flame, Flare & Flame Assist.  For Smoke Mac, it must be Smoke Mac 2016 or higher subscription, or Smoke Mac 2015 with Perpetual License. USE OF BETA or PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE IS PROHIBITED.

- You can bring in 3D objects, but they can only be the stock 3D models that ship with Flame/Flare/Flame Assist.

- You may use Sapphire Sparks.  GenArts is offering a temp license of Sapphire Sparks to anyone who registers for the contest.

- You may use any of the LOGIK Matchbox Shaders available at, but you are not allowed to write shaders specifically for the contest, i.e., they must be available to everyone via

- The use of music and/or sound effects are optional. You are allowed to use music and sound effects with your project, but the soundtrack (or lack thereof) will not count during the judging.

- Your finished product must be contained one Batch setup, or in one timeline consisting of multiple BFX clips. In other words, if you give us your Batch setup, or an archive of your timeline, we could open it, press render and have your finished product.

- You are allowed to work in teams or groups. If you win a prize, the group must share it (one prize per winning entry).

- You must be a member of the Facebook Logik Group.

The Prizes:

-1st Place: 3DR Solo Quadcopter with 3-axis gimble and a GoPro Hero 3+, courtesy of Alt Systems. ($1300 value)

-2nd Place: 12.1 iPad Pro, 128GB, Space Grey, courtesy of Cinesys/Oceana. ($1000 value)

-3rd Place: One license of Sapphire V10, courtesy of GenArts. ($1400 value)

The Details:

- Contest starts now!

Submissions are due by 11:59:59pm EST on Sunday, July 16th. To submit, send an email to Your email must contain:

- Your name, the title of your project, version of Flame/Flare/FlameAssist/Smac used.

- Link to an archive of your setups/timeline and a ProRes 422 QuickTime of your final render.

- An h264 or .mp4 QuickTime of your project, as an attachment to your email.

The winner will be announced at the July 25, 2017 meeting of the NY Flame User Group.

That's it! Huge thanks to all of our sponsors and supporters. Now, it's up to you!